CS50: Fifty Years of Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University will mark its 50th anniversary in computer science research and education with a four-day celebration on April 19-22, 2006.

The university’s first computer—an IBM 650—was delivered to the basement of the business school in July 1956. Associate Dean Herbert A. Simon then recruited professor Alan Perlis (S’42) to head up the school’s new Computation Center. The web of interdisciplinary work that followed established Carnegie Mellon as one of the world’s premier institutions in the field of computer science.

We will celebrate Carnegie Mellon’s half-century of excellence in computer science with a four-day program that acknowledges our accomplishments, highlights our research and education activities, and contemplates our future prospects. The centerpiece of the celebration will be a one-day technical symposium that will reflect the diversity of computer science activities across the university followed by a celebration of the construction of the newest building on campus, the Gates Center for Computer Science.